for your body mind and soul


by Jessie Chapman

(Published by HarperCollins Australia)

This is a beautiful book, which details postures for a shared practice. There are various styles of partner yoga practice including doubles yoga; adjusting and weight- bearing and juxtapose styles.


Partner yoga details these various styles and offers stunning black & white full-page images photographed on the beaches of Byron Bay, Australia. Each posture details clear instructions on how to position in the postures; what to focus on; how to breathe'; how long to hold the postures and the varied benefits gained form the united practice.Partner yoga is becoming more and more popular in this day where people are searching for deeper connections and more intimacy in their lives. This is not a Tantric yoga book by any means, rather a book for friends and partners to join in practice.

Partner yoga

The postures help develop open communication; teaching and adjusting skills; honesty and intimacy in relationships and helps to break down physical barriers between people.

The practice of partner yoga adds new depth to your practice. The postures range in levels from basic to more advanced and challenging so the book is suitable to all levels of practice. Inside is advice on how to get started with postures to 'tune-in' with your partner and breathing together.

For those considering teaching yoga, this book offers invaluable tips on adjusting and assisting others in the postures and develops awareness and of the self and others.